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  • Who is at risk for cataracts?

    Who is at risk for cataracts?
  • Is it bad to read in the dark?

    Is it bad to read in the dark?
  • Why is it important for contact lens wearers to adhere to a doctor recommended wearing schedule?

    Why is it important for contact lens wearers to adhere to a doctor recommended wearing schedule?
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  • Edward’s Story

    Edward's school struggles and coordination were misdiagnosed as ADD. Watch his story to find out how treatment from a Doctor of Optometry helped change his life.
  • Rachel’s Story

    Find out how a Doctor of Optometry helped diagnose Rachel with a serious health issue that was affecting more than her vision.
  • Shrie’s Story

    Find out how a Doctor of Optometry helped diagnose Shrie with meningioma during a routine eye exam.
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  • Join DOC’s Opto Alien Adventure in Eye-ter Space

      Download our interactive Opto Alien activity placement for your child here. At school, socially and in play, vision problems can prevent children from reaching their full potential. With 80 per cent of learning based on vision, a comprehensive eye exam from a doctor of optometry is the best way to help ensure children achieve […]

  • Sign of the times: How your vision changes with age

    The end of summer is near which means we’re quickly approaching Children’s Vision Month. Throughout October, Children’s Vision Month highlights the importance of monitoring children’s vision so they’re able to reach their full learning and development potential, especially in school. While Children’s Vision Month in October puts a particular focus on children, it’s important for […]

  • What the Pokémon GO craze means for our eye health

    When optometrists recommended kids getting outside more as a way to improve eye health, they likely hadn’t factored Pokémon GO into the solution. Now, both children and adults are increasing the time they’re spending outdoors but they’re taking their video game screens with them. The concept behind the digital game, Pokémon GO, that’s captured the […]

  • Optometry’s role in detecting normal tension glaucoma

    Summer is here and whether you’re cottaging in Muskoka, watching the sunset from the Prairies or enjoying Vancouver’s majestic mountains, your mind is likely not on eye disease. But even during the heady days of summer, it’s important to keep your eye health in mind. Regular, comprehensive eye exams are an essential part of ensuring […]

  • Keep a close eye on alcohol use on the long weekend

    Note: This article is written for Canadian residents of legal age of majority in their respective province. Any alcohol consumption of minors is illegal and not supported by DOC. Whether you’re getting ready for a long weekend, packing a cooler with your favourite beverages to sip while you bask in the sunshine, or having a […]

  • Protect your eyes during this popular summer activity

    It’s mid-summer, which means we will be spending more time in the water. If you will be participating in water sports, such as rowing, snorkeling, or even fishing it is important to be extra cautious about what goes near, or in your eyes. Pink eye – although not a serious condition, is highly contagious and more […]